Shades of Gray

Writing the Brain & Body column for MSN has put me in touch with some wildly intelligent people. Some column installments explore the bleeding-edge work of neuroscientists while other pieces collect the gee-whiz facts that come up along the way. 7 Weird But True Facts About the Brain is among the latter.

Research for this article turned up brain benders like the Checker Shadow Illusion shown here. The boxes marked A and B are the exact same shade of gray. No fooling.

Here are some additional lightness illusions that will mess with your head.

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  1. Rev. Dave Hannum

    I was disappointed that when you wrote the article for MSN on the 10 rare but underfunded diseases you left out dermatomyosytis. This is an extremely dibiliatating disease and is many times treated with little knowledge and even less understanding of the disease itself. And the caregiver is left with a major job.

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