Carpools & Cannibals

It was a very unique evening in Maplewood, NJ, this past Friday. Writers and comedians took the stage at The Burgdorff Center for the Performing Arts to present pieces based on the theme of family dysfunction.

The artists’ lab Studio B invited several performers including CJ Prince, novelist Elizabeth Trundle, Dina Perlman, and myself to present original pieces to a full crowd. House band 3rd Gear peppered the evening with their full-speed rock & roll, and were even kind enough to invite me to sit in on the closer, “Tumblin’ Dice.”

Courtesy David Mehlman

The piece I read was entitled To Benny, Who Didn’t Have To Leave Me Under The Car Seat Even If I’m Not His Favorite Toy Anymore. I’ll post it here for anyone who asks.

Big thanks to Studio B’s bold and talented organizers, Marcy Thompson and Jenny Turner Hall.

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