Guitar Night

Must take a moment here to thank everyone involved in Guitar Night last weekend at the Crossroads in Garwood, NJ. It was an excellent time sharing the stage with fellow players Doug Gill, Ian Smit and Mike LaRosa.

We four went round-robin for nearly three hours, playing 12-minute sets each before turning it over to the next player in rotation. All three of these guys breathed something completely new into the room every set. Big thanks to them for making it a good time, and to promoter Michael Locker, to Crossroads, and to all of you who let us play while you were trying to eat your jambalaya.

The sharpest among you may note that this photo could not be from Guitar Night unless Guitar Night were held in the daytime, which would cause all kinds of confusion. It was also a pleasure closing out this year’s Pool Concert Series a few weeks ago (thank you, arts emissary Marcy Thompson). There was a fantastic double rainbow overhead when I finished playing. I like to take that as a good sign, but perhaps someone was happy it was over.

That's my boy Daniel with his arm slung around his buddy, Ari. There were other people there too.

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