Get TED in Your Head

Once a year, thought leaders from the fields of medicine and healthcare present progressive ideas at the TEDMED Conference. If you’re already familiar with TED talks, you know that the speeches and presentations can be mind-blowing. Among the topics addressed at TEDMED 2011, held last week in San Diego, were medical mushrooms, the near future of robotics, redefining cancer, the “poetry” of genetics, and surgery without a scalpel. In addition to scientistics, researchers, and CEO’s on the bleeding edge, speakers included Steve Wozniak, Diana Nyad, Lance Armstrong, and US Surgeon General Regina Benjamin.

Alexander Tsiaras, who has elevated medical imaging to an art form, spoke on the subject How Can You Visualize Your Way To Better Health? Tsiaras is also the Founder/CEO of, a site that is revolutionizing health information online. I’m proud to be a writer for TheVisualMD and to have contributed content used in Alexander’s TEDMED presentation. Vid links will be posted here as soon as they’re available. There is a wealth of online health info beyond WebMD, friends — and not every site is peddling fear and pharmaceuticals.

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