Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss, the Father of Hip-Hop

As written for MSN Now

The Lorax, an eco-film, is dropping today, but there’s newsness of Seussness we’ve yet to relay. Did you know that Theodor Seuss begat rap? Check the match-ups and mashups and this link and that. He taught HOVA and Slim all the flow that they knowses when they mama read Green Eggs while blowin’ they noses. And by capping the asses of Dick and of Jane, did to kid lit what hip-hop to rock did the same. He fronted on one thing, we do have to say — he wasn’t a doctor. But neither was Dre.


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  1. Wow, that

  2. Teresa maloof

    This boy’s a treasure, not one for leisure.
    With three kids and wife, he’s got a great life.

    An unbiased comment.

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