Calling all musicians….

There’s a bunch of good guys with smart ideas about selling gear over at Reverb. If you’ve ever wished for a more informed and customized experience than eBay or Craig’s List, Reverb is for you. It’s also a far, far cry from the old days of shopping for guitars from the classified section of a local paper. If you don’t believe me, believe Jeff Tweedy.

I’ve been having a great time writing for Reverb’s blog this past week. Check out Enter Soundman: 9 Things The Sound Guy Wishes Every Musician Knew. And, with a salute to Independence Day, see today’s cover story Band Democracy: What Really Happens When Every Vote Counts.

Thanks to my knob-twiddlin’, geetar-pickin’ buds Evan Kremin and Chuck Mahoney for their input on the Soundman piece. Happy 4th.