Since 1998, Rich Maloof has been self-employed as a writer, editor, and musician. He has been published extensively, with a dozen books and nearly a thousand articles and multimedia productions to his credit. Rich’s work has been translated into several languages and distributed internationally.

Areas of specialty include health and medicine, financial services, science, tech, and music education. Knowledge in these disciplines has yielded a number of roles as a private vendor, among them columnist, communications director, founding editor, educator, and multimedia producer. Rich’s writing has covered a range of topics for consumer and industry readerships.

Prior to 1998, Rich was Editor In Chief of Guitar Magazine; at age 30, he was the youngest chief editor in the genre’s history. He was profiled in The New York Times, which was an honor, but the feature was so full of factual errors and misquotes that he never did show it to his mom.

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